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Adding Value to a Heliski Holiday

Heliski Holiday began its evolution 25 years ago and changes are inevitable, not only with business but within the heliskiing industry. We pride ourselves in maintaining good relations with BC Heliski Operators as well as our clients. Over the years one action remains the same: commitment to our clients and harnessing the influence of the power of “word of mouth”.

As a business specializing offering personalized service, Heliski Holiday understands good service is all about adding value to each step in the decision making process.

  • Our service FREE
  • Our commitment DEDICATED
  • Our communication HONEST
  • AND all transactions are paid direct to the selected heliski operator, keeping your money safe.

With the 2018 heliski reservations well underway at every heli skiing operator in British Columbia, we kindly ask you consider our specialized and tailored services for 2018 / 2019 heliskiing adventure. Please share the “heliskfans” page and the Heliski Holiday website with friends / cohorts.

By connecting with ‘like’ individuals we would be on our way to building a community with “bragging rights”!

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