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Trip Cancellation

Trip cancellation/interruption insurance is your protection 

Travelers should make trip cancellation/interruption insurance an important part of any heli holiday. It begins with your deposit. In most cases deposits are made months sometimes a full year before start date.

Top reasons travelers cancel their trips:

  • sickness and death in the family
  • travel advisories
  • schedule change by the airline

An often overlooked risk is the benefits of medical evacuation and hospital expenses if injured on a heli holiday in BC Canada, as it is optional. However if injured in the back country the added cost of heli transfers is substantial. This coverage can be included with a comprehensive travel insurance program designed specifically for heli-skiers and back-country enthusiasts which is offered via specific Canadian agents.

Travel insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions and you should understand the details of the policy and ask questions when purchasing. The nature of the heliskiing BC industry does not allow operators to give refunds in most cases and travelers should be aware of all cancellation policies.

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The price of trip cancellation insurance is approximately 5% of the total cost which can included your flights. No one looks to have an unfortunate accident in the back-country but it does happen. Safety is a#1 priority but not all aspects of a heli holiday can be controlled. Give yourself piece of mind and protect your investment.

Not to worry if you are confused about heliskiing Trip Cancellation Interuption Insurance, Heliski Holiday has partnered with a local BC agency who specializes in heli skiing coverage.