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Heliskiing and Fitness


Like with any intensive sport, being at your physical peak will not only improve your performance and will increase the satisfaction. Training your body to withstand the demands of a heli ski or heli board holiday can be attained in the gym, home fitness regiment or alternative sport activities.

Think about improving the cardiovascular as it increases stamina and endurance, this is crucial if you want to enjoy every single minute of your heli holiday. A typical heli-skiing run is approx 3,500 vertical feet but know, runs of 6,000 feet are very real.  So get out there ride a bike, jog, row, go to the gym whatever the choice do it for up to twenty minutes, three to four times a week you’ll see a difference.

Flexibility, balance and coordination are also essential skills that will help improve a heli-skier’s ability. Stretching everyday is vital, and the more flexible you are, the less chance you have of incurring injury.

If you are already on a fitness routine, awesome!

In the end it is all about getting the most from your HELISKIING HELIBOARDING HOLIDAY. Trust our  free added value heliski consulting services.  We get it!