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When to book your heliski holiday!

Making a decision for a heliskiing holiday is a big deal and BIG deals take time to process.  Working with a heliskiing  Personal assistant  (PA) will save time and streamline the planning and reservation process.  We have insight that cannot be found on an operators website. This insight is what can make the difference in selecting the operator that meets group and personal need.

Getting what you want can be difficult, give yourself an edge – BOOK EARLY!

  1. There are limited seats in a week varying from operator to operator. 
  2. There are return clients who get first dibs. prime seats go quickly in an industry with limited seats per week!
  3. There are only so many seats in a season.


  • Selection of preferred dates
  • Options to hold additional seats for the “fence sitters” in your group
  • Knowing your seat is confirmed
  • Cheaper flights
  • Better rate is sometime possible


  • The majority of operators require a $2000 CAD non-refundable deposit however some require 20 > 30%
  • balance due is 90 days before start date OR the date of November 1
  • Trip Cancellation / Interruption Insurance is highly recommended on the deposit
  • Once balance due is paid then a new policy with the addition of Emergency Medical would be added

Heliski Holiday has partnered with Lifestyle Financial, an agency  who supports many of the heliski operators in British Columbia.

Book early, get as close to what you want as possible!