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Heliski Heli board Pricing

There is no question a heli ski heli board tour is the ultimate experience for the discerning skier and snowboarder!  Knowing where to go poses a number of questions leading to number of options.

The heli ski operators of BC manage their pricing competitively but there are differences between every one of them. The most common of costs variable is guaranteed vertical versus unlimited vertical.  It is a price changer. There pro and cons to both:

  • Unlimited vertical you are paying in advance for vertical, which increases the pricing of the tour. Vertical feet is gauged by the number of days.  
  • Guaranteed vertical is regulated by the number of days in the tour. If the set amount of guaranteed vertical feet is reached then an option to buy more is offered: approx $140 CAD p/1000 ft.

Semi-private or standard  multi-day tours would be considered 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 days with a number of seats per week.  The number of seats are dependent on lodge size.

The semi-private multi-day heli tour cost will range from $5000.00 CAD to $14,000 CAD  (# of days dependent)  By planning and securing a reservation one year in advance can save you money, offer preferred dates and provide time to build a small group. 

Tours include:  lodge accommodation, meals, safety equipment, skis, ground and/or air transfers.

Additional costs:

  • trip cancellation insurance
  • added vertical
  • connecting flights
  • private air or private customized ground transfers
  • alcohol
  • massage treatments
  • pre and/or post accommodation

The Private Heli Tour is defined by exclusivity. From preferred dates to a private helicopter, private chalet, private chef and private transfers to meeting specific requests.  Ski or board at pace that feels good.  These heli tours range  in days from 4 to 7 day and require a minimum group size of 4.

Heliskiing in BC

The heli ski operators of British Columbia work effortlessly to control what is possible and be honest about what is not.

Heli skiing is an investment and by making your reservation with an industry specialist offers added value expertise. Make your decision with confidence.


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