TLH Heliskiing

It was in 1991 I had the privilege of meeting the man who introduced Tyax Lodge to the exclusive world heliskiing and created TLH Heliskiing offering world class heli adventures in the heart of a Canadian Wilderness.

After two decades of success, TLH Heliskiing merged with Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa merging the two worlds into a unique boutique #heliski resort experience.

Over the years new guest facilities and major updates were made to the resort and in 2017 giving guests a wilderness adventure welcoming families, groups (business and friends) and individuals.

They offer “Single Group Heliskiing” with means only one group of 10 per helicopter. This can translate into increased flexibility equaling more skiing and less waiting.

This packaging definitely works best with a group however heliski operations are really good a matching abilities which opens the door to meet new people!

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