About Us

Heliski Holiday began its journey in 1991. Times were different, technology has advanced and the heliski operators, well there are more of them.   I’m fortunate to have their respect. They let me into their world many years ago and through honesty and commitment they have allowed me to stay 🙂

My job is to help the skier/snowboarder determine the operator that works for them, through an individual or group process, so ultimately a informed decision can be made. Once an operator is selected I carry on with finalizing the reservation, handle all the paper work. I do not touch any of the money, all funds are paid directly to the operator. There are no fees as long as heliskiing is involved.

SMALL GROUP HELISKIING is a group of 4 or 5 and is pretty much the norm these days at heliski operations around the world. There is a question that is asked often: When is the best time to go HELISKIING in BC?  Our answer is always the same and that is anytime!

Our southern British Columbia location keeps us in real time with all BC heli skiing operators.

We first begin with a few questions:

  • ability
  • fitness level
  • how many days – preferred time
  • traveling as an individual or with a group
  • have you ever been heliskiing

Once we begin to understand your HELISKIING needs and wants, we gather general information on multiple operators and the process begins.

Heliski Holiday is truly privileged to have the respect of British Columbia and International heliski operators. That respect is continually paid forward to every client looking to fulfill their personal dream of HELI SKIING.

Make an Inquiry 

“We do not collect personal information on this website, all inquiries must come direct to our contact information. All information is kept confidential and is only shared with the operator after approval”.