Heliski Holiday Testimonials

Last Frontier Heliskiing – Bell 2
Wish we were getting back into the heli, right now!
Deposit in for 2014 with Heliski Holiday. 5th season booking via Heliski Holiday, wouldn’t do it any other way.

Chris C Colorado
Steven B California

Last Frontier Heliskiing / Ripley Creek
Good Memories all round, we’ll be back and we’ll be using the consulting services of Heliski Holiday thank-you.

Michael G and Martin B
New York

I really like working with Heliski Holiday—one stop shop for keeping well informed about all the BC heli operators, and making all the travel arrangements. Nina knows her stuff and she is a great resource and timesaver! I have worked with her for years because she just “gets it!”

Steven Burrows

San Francisco, Calif.Jay P      New York & Korea

Himalayan Heliski Guides  Nepal
Thanks to Heliski Holiday and their periodic emails, I would of never had the experience.

Heliskiing in June, Bella Coola Helisports

Heliski Holiday helped us find what we were looking for and paid total attention to our needs. Bella Coola Helisports surpassed our expectations! Thanks for organizing everything Nina, We shall return!” John I Florida

((( Hunley Falls location of where footage was shot for the Sherlock Holmes, Games of Shadows)))

Heliski Holiday has been great to work with. Nina has always available with last minute questions and made the process flawless.  She also has great knowledge on all Heliski Operations and the area where I like to frequent (Last Frontier). I would recommend using Heliski Holiday to all.

Chris C                 California

Thanks for everything, your assistance really streamlined the decision making process. We’ll be going back to you sometime in the future……..

Martin B                New York

Heliski Holiday is a great resource for many different Heliskiing operators. They are always available, friendly and helpful in designing a Heliskiing trip that best suits your desires and needs. In addition, they answer whenever you call, and if they are unavailable at that time they are very prompt in responding. I highly recommend Heliski Holidays when booking a Heliskiing vacation…

Randy L      Texas

I will use this service for every heliski holiday in the future.

Uli B             Germany

Amazingly helpful, so many options to choose from Heliski Holiday patiently worked with us for several weeks. She is a true professional.

Jeffrey E, Utah

I would strongly recommend Heliski Holiday to any of my clients, definitely optimized my time, excellent service!

Jason F California Constellation Wines US-Centerra Wine Company

The knowledge of the various operators, regions, snow conditions, costs, etc., is second to none. Thanks again for all of your help! …… Peter B, New York

We were very pleased with the attention to detail, professionalism and responsiveness …

Joe F California

5 star service, good advice on sites she has visited, up to the minute information on availability and conditions. Europeans take note: a high level customer service is really in evident when you consider Heliski Holiday is at work by 5.30 am her time……

George G Bulgaria

Services were very helpful to me, as it would have cost me a considerable amount of time to piece things together by myself. ……

Lukas B Germany