Heliskiing, things to know

There are multiple heli skiing operators in multiple mountain ranges throughout British Columbia Canada. Each defined by terrain, lodging, number of guests, package details and personality.

There is one thing every heli ski operator share and that is SAFETY, it is a priority! With this in mind every skier & snowboarder looking to experience the world of heli skiing, should understand the following:

  • Operators and tour packages are not created equally
  • Be honest about your own ski / snowboard ability
  • Operator selection should match your ability
  • Maximize your heli ski / heliboard investment, increase your physical activity
  • Understand logistics
  • There will be added costs, know what they are
  • Know what to pack
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance – don’t go without it.
  • Understand the difference between guaranteed vertical vs. unlimited vertical

The heli ski season begins end December and runs to mid April. Depending on location.

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Last Frontier Heliskiing





Heliski Holiday | BC Canada | Crescent Spur Heliskiing
Crescent Spur Heliskiing 2014
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Bella Coola Helisports
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Silver Tip Heliskiing






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Skeena Heliskiiing
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Eagle Pass Heliskiing







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TLH Heliskiing