Travel Checklist

When booking a heliski holiday, keep in mind the lodge is remote so there is no running to the store for incidentals.  You will not need to dress as warmly as you do when you resort ski as being in the heli is a lot warmer than being on a chairlift for 10-15 minutes. Remember – no cotton, it gets wet and stays cold. 

Be sure to bring along:

  • Sunglasses, 1 – 2 pair of goggles
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit for hot tub
  • Casual comfy indoor clothing
  • Layers of clothing – remember no cotton
  • Ski / snowboard boots always carry on 

There is no need to bring an extensive wardrobe, as the BC heliski lodges have a relaxed/casual atmosphere.

  • Operators have a good supply of powder skis but a limited number of snowboards are available.  Always a good idea  to reserve in advance.
  • MasterCard, Visa and American Express are accepted at the majority of operators, to be used for: extra vertical, lounge and gift shop
  • Helmets are encouraged. When bringing your own ensure it does not cover the ear, it poses a safety hazard which prevents you from hearing your guide.
  • Bring all travel documents.
  • Bring your itinerary to re-affirm transfer times
  • Every staff member including your guide and helicopter pilot welcomes and appreciates tipping